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TVF is an environmentally-focused Lessor focused on equipment financing. Catering specifically to the Value Added Reseller to enhance value to the end-user. By coupling IT equipment leasing with a suite of services, TVF provides the VAR with a competitive edge.


Technology Value Financial is a "green IT" portfolio company made up of specialized, synergistic businesses catering to the technology market. The mission of the company is to provide a profitable blend of environmentally conscious technology after-market products and related services.

Technology Value Financial's unique closed loop, green technology lifecycle management programs are designed to allay worldwide material shortages and sharp rises in material costs by extending the useful life of technology equipment. These programs are offered to IT service providers and equipment resellers (and indirectly, their end user customers). The core business engages in refurbishment, reengineering and remarketing of IT products. Complimentary service offerings have grown around its product offerings to include flexible financing, coordinated deployment, forward/ reverse logistics, field service, asset disposition and electronics recycling.

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Technology Investment Protection

Replace and upgrade leased IT equipment at your convenience

The biggest problems with technology leases show up at the end of your leasing terms. Most companies don't know what to do with their old equipment, and traditional leasing companies can create unwarranted end-of-term hassles. Not with Technology Value Financial. Most leasing companies don't want to recover equipment because they lack the resources to properly handle it, as they have no warehouse, no one to refurbish and remarket old equipment, and no one to sell it. Instead, they simply want to recover any residual value in the equipment from you - in other words, they want to leave you holding the bag with the old equipment you're ready to replace. That defeats your purpose for leasing the equipment in the first place, and creates a new downstream problem for you both logistically, and financially.

Technology Value Financial has a different approach. Through our partner companies of PC Parts, Inc., Penn Data Networks, PC Surplus Online, and PC Surplus Recycling, TVF offers a robust suite of lifecycle services required to receive, audit, indemnify, refurbish, and remarket your off-lease equipment to buyers in more than 100 countries around the globe. That means we write our leases with both front- and back-end terms structured to maximize the payback for your IT investment.

IT Equipment Leasing through Technology Value Financial is the easiest and smartest IT solution for Value Added Resellers.

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Quarterly Takedowns

Streamlining Your Equipment Acquisition and Leasing Activities

Many organizations need to acquire IT systems, equipment and related components on a regular basis. They also recognize the financial benefits of leasing vs. owning for some of their needs. However, the frequency of their needs over time can make leasing any of it extremely cumbersome and difficult to manage.

Quarterly Takedown Leases

Quarterly Takedown (QT) Leasing directly addresses these challenges by enabling organizations to acquire equipment quickly and as needed while accruing costs on a single Lease Schedule. You can place hardware, software, maintenance and even professional services on a QT Schedule. Each schedule closes at the end of a three month period. This can be a calendar Quarter (3/31, 6/30, 9/30 & 12/31) which is most common. However, your company might want the flow different to coincide with your fiscal year or another requirement. This is completely up to you. With our system, a customer that issues anywhere from 1 to 25+ orders a quarter can decide what they want to lease and manage it on a single Lease Schedule.

How Quarterly Takedowns Work
  • Technology Value Financial submits a QT Proposal for your review and approval based on the your expected purchases for the following quarter. You are under no obligation to use all or any of the line of credit Technology Value Financial establishes for your company.
  • You execute a Technology Value Financial Master Lease and a two-page QT Letter authorizing Technology Value Financial to place authorized purchases on a QT Schedule
  • Your company orders equipment, software and services as needed from Technology Value Financial or 3rd Party Vendors
  • Technology Value Financial processes and pays all 3rd Party invoices on your company's behalf
  • Technology Value Financial closes each QT Schedule at the end of each quarter
  • Technology Value Financial totals all costs and calculates lease payment figures per up-front Proposal terms
  • Technology Value Financial issues a complete set of Lease Documentation to you for validation and execution
  • You receive monthly lease payment invoices from Technology Value Financial
Benefits to your company
  • Provides a turnkey structure to finance a stream of IT needs (large and small cost items) over time and on a single QT Schedule
  • Dramatically reduces the amount of Lease Schedules and paperwork that you need to manage
  • Your company can elect to source equipment from Presidio and/or 3rd Party Vendors
  • Technology Value Financial manages, processes and pays all Vendor invoices throughout the QT Period
  • Purchase Orders are not always necessary- You can communicate order to Technology Value Financial representatives
  • Technology Value Financial orders equipment and/or issues the Purchase Order(s) to 3rd Party Vendors of your choice
  • You are not subject to any minimum lease dollar amount in any one Quarter
  • You can elect to close a QT Schedule at any time during the Quarter

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Project Finance

Today's technology projects often take months to implement, yet many leases are not structured to take these new realities into account. This raises a key question: why should your company begin paying for the entire project months before you receive any value or benefit from the work? A core financial premise is to match the cost of a project to the benefits derived from that project. We can do that for you!

Technology Value Financial can structure a financial solution that phases in, step-by-step, with your project implementation. This allows you to match your expenses with benefits gained. You can also mix any combination of soft and hard costs. In fact, with Technology Value Financial you can finance hardware, software, professional services, support, maintenance, and upgrades.

As an additional benefit, our leases usually qualify as operating leases (FASB 13). Off-balance sheet operating leases can enhance your ROA and ROE.

One additional aspect of complex technology projects is often overlooked - the financial management of the project. This includes auditing invoices and travel expenses, and managing the equipment delivery and the project implementation.

Invoices often include only pricing and part numbers, which can make it hard to understand exactly what you have received. With our equipment expertise, we can analyze that information to make sure everything has been received and the pricing is correct. We then send you that information in an easy to read format for your final approval.

When coordinating multiple vendors, you sometimes find that someone isn't giving their best effort. This type of delay can derail entire projects if you take an ad-hoc approach. With our robust suite of services, we will step in any time, as needed, to make sure your project stays on time and on track.

Benefits to your company:
  • You are allowed to match expenses to the benefits they are receiving from a long-term project.
  • Technology Value Financial manages multiple relationships for you, taking that burden off of your team.
  • You do not have to manage multiple lease schedules for one project.
  • Technology Value Financial handles the invoices from all vendors, coordinating payment and delivery of the equipment.
  • Our Project Financing solutions are bundled transactions consisting of hardware, software, and implementation services. This allows all cost to be expensed over the term of the lease, rather than the implementation services being expensed in one large sum at the beginning of the lease.
  • As a bundled transaction, a Project Financing solution can qualify as a FASB 13 operating lease. This allows the lease to be an off-balance sheet transaction.

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